Friday, March 12, 2010

Boss Heads For Exit

Tim Workman, the Chief Magistrate, is soon to retire. He presides at Westminster Magistrates' Court (that used to be known as Horseferry Road, which is where it is).
Westminster has special jurisdiction over terrorism and extradition matters, and through its location also attracts big-news cases such as the alleged expenses-fiddling MPs. It has a number of District Judges as well as a lay bench.
Tim Workman was a solicitor in private practice before joining the bench as a Stipendiary Magistrate. I have met him a few times in committees and such, and by one of those odd coincidences I once instructed him in a case, a few years before I became a JP.
One of my then employees caused a fairly big car crash in Maidenhead and was summonsed to court to answer a charge of careless driving. I asked a solicitor pal if he knew of a good man in Maidenhead, and he named Tim W, whom I duly instructed to mitigate.
Small world, isn't it?

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