Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Judge

Tudor Owen, a well-known barrister (unsurprisingly, he is of Welsh extraction) has been appointed to the Circuit bench, and allocated to Snaresbrook Crown Court. He is a long way from the judicial stereotype, being a qualified pilot of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and an expert aviation lawyer. He has regularly come out on top in courtroom tussles with the Civil Aviation Authority. Last time I heard, he had a part share in a WW2 aeroplane and a Gazelle helicopter, but if he has to live on his salary, they may have to go! He is also a devotee of fast cars and fast driving - the latter may also have to go. He is a member of the Garrick, so he will always be able to wash the dust of Snaresbrook from his judicial throat with a glass of the Club's claret.
Good luck, your Honour.

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