Wednesday, December 13, 2006


There is an angry and heartfelt piece in today's 'Times' by Alice Miles. She makes the points, neither of which is widely (if at all) disputed, that many prostitutes take up their trade because of an overriding need to feed their drug addiction, and that the patchily-applied legal constraints on prostitution make its practitioners even more vulnerable than the nature of the business dictates.
What will happen? Nothing, of course. Why? because this morning's tabloids will be strewn with words such as vice, and wicked, and monster, and beast, and terror. It's a good story, with death sex and morality intertwined. So no serious politician will dare to raise his voice (because radicalism only goes as far as the Press will tolerate) and once today's lip-smacking headlines have faded into memory more addicted young women will stand on street corners to await the next punter - any one of whom might be their last.

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