Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ton-and-a-Half Copper

A comment has already flooded in about the police officer who was cleared of speeding today after driving at a ludicrously high speed.

I will break my usual rule about never commenting on a case where I have not heard all of the facts to say that there can be no excuse for anyone, no matter how skilled, to drive at that speed on a public road. It should have been a clear case of Dangerous Driving, and a short custodial sentence would not be out of the question. He should certainly no longer be allowed to drive police vehicles. Acquitting him of speeding is even more extraordinary.

The decision was of course taken by a District Judge (Magistrates' Courts) who is a full time paid lawyer who sits alone. I cannot imagine any lay bench reaching such a decision, nor making such an extraordinary pronouncement.

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