Saturday, March 24, 2012

Worth A Look

I have only just caught up with the BBC series Crime and Punishment (episode one is here). It is an unsensational look at the day to day work of the system. I haven't yet seen all of the episodes on iPlayer but what I have seen is pretty familiar, and is worthy of a wide audience. I can't quite work out why the BBC has tucked it into an unimportant slot in the schedules, but that is their business. The series certainly ought to be made available to schools to give young people a reasoned look at criminal justice,and to show them that there are few places less exciting or glamorous than a cell. 


  1. Only available in the UK, I'm afraid. Us ex-pats are limited to radio…

    1. Tunnelbear is your friend

  2. Any gavels making an appearance?

  3. Mercifully not.

    Try not my humour far; lest, waxing wroth, I do awesome execution upon thee.....

    (as you can guess I studied Eng. Lit as a youth).

  4. Time clock is 8 hours late.....


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