Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Loophole - Schmoophole

A cricketer has escaped from an allegation of driving much faster than the speed limit. His solicitor glories in the soubriquet of 'Mr. Loophole' but in truth there are few loopholes, just sloppy and incompetent work by the police and the CPS, who know perfectly well what the rules are, and still screw up time after time. Mr.F is well aware of the fallibility of the authorities, and makes a decent living out of it.

Good luck this season Freddie, and enjoy the fruits of your celebrity-funded success, Mr. Freeman. No sanctions will trouble those responsible for this latest cock-up. They may not be as wealthy as Freddie and Loopie, but their pensions remain safe.

This is a Times columnist's view.

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