Friday, March 03, 2006


We had a few TICs put in the other day - matters Taken Into Consideration. A couple of prolific thieves were picked up for two low-level offences each, but decided to wipe the slate clean and (to borrow police terminology) 'cough' a lot more. The combined list of what they owned up to covered about eight A4 sheets and the value of stolen goods ran into the tens of thousands.

In return for their co-operation the defendants (who went off to the Crown Court for sentence of course) will get far lower sentences than would have been the case otherwise. So long as they have been frank with the police they will no longer have to worry about old cases coming out of the files to haunt them (and in the DNA age that happens a lot). The police (and therefore the public) have been saved vast expense. Scores of victims will now know that the people who stole from them have been dealt with and will do time in prison. All in all, that seems to be a satisfactory situation.

I am pretty sure that the pub round the corner from the police station will have had a good night after a result like that. Two petty thieves, and dozens of lovely clear-ups. I hope that the officers enjoyed their beer.

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