Friday, March 10, 2006

It's Not Just In The Courts Then

The John Lewis Partnership is a much-loved part of English middle-class life. They employ a better class of assistant, and seem to epitomise the modern but still-genteel side of retailing. I am a fan.

I bought a halogen floor lamp from them yesterday, and spent a slightly ill-tempered half hour with Mrs.B assembling the thing. One of the instruction sheets includes this gem:-
When changing a bulb, ensure the product is unplugged and always allow the old bulb to cool down before handling
If the bulb needs to be changed, it has presumably failed. If it has failed, it won't be hot, will it, chaps? Unless, that is, you expect people to pounce on the lamp the second it fails, replacement bulb to hand, and burn their fingers. After they have found a screwdriver to remove the bulb shield, that is.

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