Thursday, April 13, 2017

Back to the Ranch

In the six months since my retirement from the bench I have not had cause to visit the courthouse. This week, however, I volunteered to show some local people around the building, and I was agreeably surprised to find that I still remembered the pass code for the car park. Our visitors were very interested and full of questions, which reminded me of my very early days as a JP when I found out just how little people knew about the court and its workings. That was a prime reason for my starting a blog a decade ago.


  1. When I and my former colleagues go back to our courthouse once a year for the AGM of the Retired Magistrates' Association, we are treated like criminals trying to break in!

  2. Very glad to hear from you. Would be interested to know your comments about how the school absence fee case in the IoW Mags ended up in the Supreme Court, and what it means now that the case has been referred back to it.

    1. I think the ruling was right. Had it gone the other way, kids could be hopping in and out of school whenever the parents chose to take them on holiday. How would teachers be meant to cope with that and get through the work with all the pupils in their classes?

  3. The fact that your pass code for the car park still works says it all about the security at the court.

  4. Don't stop blogging! It has maintained my interest over the years and I now have an interview next month. Many thanks

  5. Yes - don't stop blogging Bystander. There are so many issues that need scrutiny these days that the only way to get them aired is through bloggs like this. And they can't fire you!

  6. You are fortunate to have a 'local' courthouse. In Manchester they have virtually all been amalgamated into the city centre court - so much for local knowledge/local justice/by local people. MOJ have lost the civic plot in the scamble for savings no matter what.

  7. I work within Greater Manchester criminal justice system - for Interserve CRC !! I, like many colleagues have been saddened by the changes within Transforming Rehabilitation which has resulted in " local " courts closing and the lack of contact we in CRC have with our once Probation colleagues within court and NPS. There also appears to be a lack of understanding as to what we in the community have at our disposals as to how we manage RAR days and whether courts really understand what and how these are completed.
    The MOJ really need to get their act together in realisng that TR is a disaster or the Home Office need to take back control of the reins and put the two separate services back together.

  8. You were useless for 31 years.

    Now you are retired and useless.



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