Monday, November 16, 2015

Why Is That Then?

I was looking through a defendant's pre-cons today, when I was struck by one chap's conviction six years ago for fraudulently attempting to gain admission  to the UK. He was given a prison sentence of about ten months or so, and served it.

So why, half a decade later, is he still in the country, committing a regular series of low-level offences?


  1. 'Tis a very good question, Bystander(team)!

    Be prepared for the Grauniadistas to start calling you a rabid Daily Mail-reading right-wing zealot for even daring to raise it!

  2. Almost certainly because the Secretary of State made no deportation order, since the offence was not sufficiently serious to meet the legal requirements (including a sentence of more than 12 months). But that doesn't explain why he wasn't 'removed', although there could be a number of similar reasons.

    1. That, or he subsequently applied legitimately and the application was approved. One can only guess, since I don't suppose the documentation of his pre-cons supplied the answer.

  3. Because the UK has a death wish at the level of the ruling classes? do I get a prize?


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