Thursday, January 15, 2015

An Interesting View From The MA

Can be seen here.

What do we think?


  1. Not the sort of answer that our Lords and Masters would wish to see?

  2. Have you been asleep Bystander? No posts for a week, then you run with something that came out in December and featured in a number of national newspapers at that time. Stay awake in the back row.

  3. It was bizzare that we were supposed to cost the same as a DJ - seems they included a notional 'what we would be doing if we weren't in court' charge against us per hour when HMCTS analysed the data... Now a much more realistic conclusion. MF JP

  4. Indeed. What do you think?

    Kate Caveat

  5. It simply confirms what I have always thought, namely that someone costing £150,000 a year was almost certainly going to result in a higher overall cost than three people being paid zero per year but perhaps claiming about £10 for lunch and £20 for petrol, per session.

  6. The DJ versus lay bench has has always been a matter of control rather than cost

  7. I'm not suggesting it would swing the stats the other way but a proper look at the costs would include the "whole life costs" of JP v's DJ, e.g.:

    - training
    - recruitment
    - appraisal
    - rota management [admin time]
    - committees / management meetings
    - time spent preparing appeals etc.
    - "IT" systems / support
    - even the "pro-rata" cost of "chambers" etc.

  8. Who paid for this rubbish?
    The palin fact of the matter there is a mixed bench, whether for control or otherwise. however, I doubt Djs are "contolled" as suggested.

    Rather than the constant sniping, it is about time we all worked together and try and make the system work.

    I'm afraid the MA seems to be living in a different world to most people and constantly harping on about this will get nowhere.

    If the powers that be want to change the way thecourts work- which is highly likely ,they will do it no matter what the MA say.

    There is a good case for a complete overhall of the whole system from top to bottom- whoc do you think will hold more sway the MA or the LCJ?


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