Wednesday, June 26, 2013


On the day that the Chancellor has announced a further 10% cut in MoJ resources many JPs will have received a letter announcing centralisation of the process for claiming Loss of Earnings and other expenses.
I have heard heavy hints from HMCTS staffers that a beady eye is being cast upon the Loss of Earnings, in particular. Most magistrates do not claim this, but a few (especially those who sit often) claim substantial sums. I think that we can expect a squeeze either to limit claims, or to ensure that those who do claim LoE do not sit too often.


  1. If they are serious about trying to limit the sittings of those who claim FLA they are probably going to have to do something with the computer system that handles the rota, changes to which would probably cost more than the expenses savings. Oh hell, there I go again. Me and my stupid joined up thinking!

  2. Awful. Will make the Magistrates' Bench even more skewed towards the old and well off; at least unless they start recruiting more unemployed people.

  3. I claim FLA for about 12 days a year out of a total of approx. 24 days sitting. I remain out of pocket when doing so as the max claim does not fully reimburse my loss of earnings. So HMCTS do well out of me and my employers (who pay for 10 or so days). Any attempt to reduce my sittings or reduce FLA will mean I reappraise my commitment.

    1. Which may not be altogether unwelcome to those within HMCTS who would like to phase out lay magistartes in favour of more DJs (or 'stipes' as I still insist on caling them)

  4. HMCTS staff are ever vigilant in seeking to discover the motes in expense claim forms, whilst other areas are no doubt presiding over beams of waste. Such is the level of careful scrutiny designed to leave no stone unturned that one magistrate recently had a claim unpaid and returned since he had forgotten to record his telephone number thereon.
    Oh, and by the way, the long predicted decision has been taken to cease providing biscuits.


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