Friday, May 11, 2012

Left Hand, Right Hand

We had a bit of a gossip at lunchtime today, and a colleague told us about a recent case involving the troubled UK Border Agency that he had learned about from a lawyer friend.

The case was a massive multi-defendant one involving alleged immigration fraud - a pretty high priority for UKBA, one would think.

The case recently collapsed and the million of pounds spent on it went down the drain. Why? Well, one of the main reasons for the Crown  throwing in its hand was that the selfsame UKBA  had absent-mindedly deported a number of the key witnesses. The judge was pretty fed up about it if you read the report.


  1. Not the most edifying story. It makes me wonder how many of the many other convictions claimed relied on untested witness statements, and whether the UKBA had simply come to rely on unquestioning acceptance of such evidence. Let's hope lessons really are learnt.

  2. How often have I heard that wondrous promise, "Lessons have been learned", from the spokesman of some public body responding to the same cock up from which they have apparently regularly learned lessons over the previous two or three decades. If you don't fund it, don't manage it and don't sanction it, it's all just words.
    Sorry, not usually this cynical on a Saturday morning.

  3. I find it incredible that the UKBA had deported the witnesses. They hardly deport anyone!

  4. If you think this is bad then you should see the standard when UKBA actually run a case themselves, in the Immigration Tribunal.


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