Thursday, February 10, 2011


The House of Commons has voted (with the big guys standing carefully aside) to stick two fingers up at the ECHR (or 'court' as the Daily Mail has taken to calling it) by voting to defy any move to give the vote to prisoners.

Back in the Inns of Court and in solicitors' offices across the land, from the dingy to the sumptuous, spontaneous champagne parties are taking place, as m'learned friends anticipate the flood of irresistible compensation claims that will force the Government to give piles of our money to many of our 80-odd thousand prison inmates, with generous costs to their lawyers.

Great call, Straw and Davis, great call!

For a grown-up view, have a look at Lord Pannick QC's piece in today's Times. He estimates the bill at up to £50 million.

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