Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What Did You Do Today Dear?

Well, he replied, I just happen to have a list here, so this is an (edited) idea of what I did:-

Female, 20, breach of curfew order
Female, 19, fraud x 5
Male, 20, No Insurance, no proper licence, common assault.
Male, 35, possess 3 x wraps Class A
Male, 23, possess Class C with intent to supply
Male, 36, harassment
Female, 31, assault x 2 (in A & E department)
Female, 29, drink drive, 101ug/100, assault PC.
Male, 28, No Insurance, vehicle defect.
Male, 43, Fraud x 9 (a really interesting one, too identifiable to blog)
Male, 28, Fail to stop for police, no licence, no insurance, careless driving, fail to identify driver
Male, 18, ABH
Male, 42, assault police x 2
Male, 19, Fraud (phone cards)
Male, 20, Criminal damage to bus
Male, 21, Theft, Assault x 2, harassment
Male, 34, Racially aggravated threatening behaviour
Male, 54, drink drive 82ug/100
Male, 32, drink drive 54ug/100, no insurance
Male, 48, drink drive, no insurance, no proper licence.
Male, 31, drive disqualified, no insurance
Female, 20, shoplifting
Male, 29, drink drive 89ug/100
Male, 40, forged ID
plus about ten unlisted extra cases, many in custody.

We were done by 5 pm though, which isn't too bad, considering that the above included a few legal points and a bail application or two.

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