Sunday, March 09, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

The Sunday Times has this piece today, under a headline that is eerily similar to the one its sister paper used about me a couple of years ago. I have just has a look for the blog but it's gone - I wonder whether the blogger was leant on or just decided that paying the mortgage was a bit more important than writing a blog. As I have said before, in the early days a lot of people were very cross about this blog, and I am sure that I would have been hauled over the coals if the authorities had known who I was. I have been in several meetings where official types were furiously denouncing the 'irresponsible' blogging JP, unaware that he was a few feet away. These days I think people are a bit more relaxed about it; after all we have had more than twice the traffic of the official Magistrates Association site, which has been kind enough to link here.
Quite a few police blogs have succumbed to official pressure as have the ones mentioned in the ST article.
I share the anonymous lady's lack of respect for the way the Civil Service seems to operate. The courts were only recently taken over, our staff becoming civil servants, and I am frequently appalled at the waste of time effort and money that I see.

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